Client Account Access


Albridge is an aggregation website which allows you to view accounts from multiple custodians all in one place. Please take into consideration, not every single investment reports to Albridge, therefore you may need to log in elsewhere to view certain accounts.

Log in to Albridge

TD Ameritrade Institutional

TDA Ameritrade Institutional is one of the many custodians we are able to use. Clicking this button will take you to their log-in page for access to only your TD Ameritrade accounts. 

Log in to TD Ameritrade Institutional


Pershing is one of the largest financial institutions and custodians in the country. We utilize Perhsing for traditional brokerage accounts and to custody alternative non-correlated investments in qualified plans such as IRAs. Clicking this button will take you to their client access portal called NETX Investor

Log In to NetX investor

MoneyGuide Pro

Moneyguide Pro is the financial planning software we use for clients who pay a fee for financial plans. To log in, please click the button below.

Log In to moneyguide pro

Other Sites

 There are many different potential sites where you may view your  accounts. If they are not listed please call our office and schedule a phone or in-person appointment with someone on our operations team to successfully get you logged in! 


  • If I get locked out of my accounts from too many incorrect attempts, who can help me reset my log in?
    • If you accidently get locked out of Albridge or Moneyguide Pro, then you may call our office and anyone on our administration team can help get you reset your password.
    • If you happen to get locked out of any other log in except the ones mentioned in the last bullet point, you will have to contact the custodian directly and not our office.

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